Celebrazioni in onore di Maria Santissima...
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Celebrazioni in onore di Maria Santissima...
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Pilgrimage in memory of flood...
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Day of prayer dedicated to Mary.
Morning (Valgiuncata..

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In the homepage a new link to dowload the book on the story of the Sanctuary

The communities that October 25, 2011 have experienced
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Photos: the Lady of Roverano visits the towns drowned by the flooding.
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The new site of Roverano is online...
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Welcome on the official site of the
Sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Roverano


On the occasion of the celebrations of 7 and 8 September, to address the Covid-19 emergency, the following measures will be put in place that will allow the celebrations to be lived in tranquility and solemnity.

A safety tensile structure will be prepared, from the arches of the half staircase to the door, with shading and in the spaces of the steps, chairs will be placed, always in safety, both for stability and for maintaining distances.

The predella of the entrance to the church will be extended with volumes covered with carpet so as to become a presbyterial area for the celebrations with the greatest influx of faithful; the priest, or bishop, will celebrate there and the faithful inside and outside can follow safely. (inside the church it is possible to accommodate only 38 seats). Under each olive tree a chair will be placed in order to keep the distance and have the coolness.

To avoid gatherings inside the Sanctuary, the statuary group will be placed in the middle of the olive trees with around the candle holders and electric candles. There will be a person in charge who will take care of lighting the candles thus avoiding various handrails and therefore contagions.

For the booking of the intentions of the holy masses, which normally took place in the sacristy, a table will be placed outside for those who want to mark the masses or give their address to receive the calendar of the sanctuary.

For confessions, two gazebos will be set up as confessionals for the safety of the faithful and the priest.

Holy Communion will be distributed by the sacred ministers at the place, without queuing, and will be received by the faithful in the hand.

Please note the obligation to use the mask. In the entrance areas of the sanctuary area and at Termine, where the shuttle will be the terminus, there will be two people with disinfectant gel and masks for those without one.

The charity fishing will not be done to avoid gatherings, but a "lottery" will be made on days 7 and 8 with extraction in the evening.

To facilitate access to the Sanctuary, the painting of the Madonna will be placed where the confessionals are currently located.

The procession will take place at the end of vespers as always but will be done only by the presbyters present and some representatives of the brotherhoods and one of them will bring the picture to the faithful who will remain in their place.

On the 7th day before vespers there will be the blessing of children and expectant mothers and at 9 pm mass with the couples who celebrated the wedding at the sanctuary.

Entrusting everyone to Mary Most Holy our mother, I greet you dearly.

Il rettore
Don Giorgio


Saturday the celebrations at the Shrine resume after the break due to Covid 19.

4:00 pm Holy Mass

Sunday and holidays:
4:00 pm Vespers and Eucharistic adoration
16:30 Holy Rosary
17:00 Holy Mass

The traditional blessing of cars on the last Sunday of May this year will not take place for safety reasons.

An affectionate greeting

Il Rettore
Don Giorgio

From the link below you can download the book in PDF format (in italian) "Storia del Santuario di Nostra Signora di Roverano", SECONDA EDIZIONE CORRETTA E NOTABILMENTE ACCRESCIUTA edita GENOVA, TIPOGRAFIA DELLA GIOVENTU’, Mura S. Chiara, 42 nel

download the book


Versione Italiana